Friday, August 27, 2010

Week Three

Alhamdulillah, I survived my third week. Oh wait, I have work on Saturday too. Hmm. I am not sure whether I can reach the centre by 7 in the morn! :S

So far, it has been good. Fridays are challenging because it's Bahasa Melayu day. It seems that my mother tongue has improved a tad bit, heh. This week, it seems that there is more classroom order, thank God. The class is excited by our discussion on the current situation in Pakistan. I am excited too! It's our Ramadhan project! We're planning to raise money for charity. In shaa' Allah, it will be a successful project. Ya Rabb, I pray that it'll go well. I feel that it is one of the few means through which I can contribute. The situation is getting worse in Pakistan... millions are in need. I cannot help but to think that we're just too busy to even think and pray for them. It is Ramadhan. Imagine... they're fasting, and food is very scarce. I truly wonder how it'll be like if I was there, right now at this moment. This is indeed an age of trials and tribulations...

Yes, it feels nice to know that it is Friday. I cannot wait to get home, really. :) I'm going to take a good walk later! Peace, and much blessings!

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