Friday, January 07, 2011

Week One, 2011

Instead of driving the kids right into the theme (Forests! Am I excited? YES!), I took the week to let them familiarise with their new classroom environment. The new bunch of kids are different from the ones I had previously, but they do have the same spark. Last year, the girls were interested in block play and football, and the boys were interested in dance and music. This year's... well, they're just different. I am also managing a child with special needs, this year. More work and energy from me and my co-teacher, but I am still looking forward! Yes, I am more than happy to know that my co-teacher has the will to walk with me and make good changes. We've given ourselves a year to survive in what we're doing now. Come what may. I pray we won't lose spirit!

A few days ago, I met a lady who gave a good assurance. She said something like - never let anything thin your spirit, and do what you must. That assurance has always been in me. I did not enter the field to conform, waste away, and to be silenced. Looking back, I truly believe I am on the right track. God knows what is ahead. I pray that I'll have the strength to be the change.

And yes, I recently found out that I'll be starting 'Iqra sessions with my sis' mother-in-law soon. It's strange how paths meet. She'll be my teacher. I do wonder how I'll cope with Arabic on my weekends. It will be exhausting. But this is it!

It's Friday, alhamdulillah. I hope I'll find the time to simply, sit and breathe. May we find some bit of time for rest and rejuvenation, ameen.

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