Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Whatever a person manufactures contains only physical strength; it does not possess any psychic strength. Atom bombs have nothing which can be called a mind. But in the future, human beings may manufacture something about which I have already hinted which may possess a mind also, but in that case the mind of that object will be weaker than the mind of its creator, the human being. Its physical strength may be more - definitely it may be more. So there is no reason to be restless and to cry about the impending dangers from atom bombs. There is only one thing for human beings to be afraid of. What is that? Human beings have to be alert against those who are demons in human form, those who posses immense psychic power and yet behave like demons, causing harm to humanity. Collective efforts have to be made to protect humanity from these demons."
- Shrii Prabhat R. Sarkar

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