Sunday, May 15, 2011

Concept of Sin

I found this interesting.

I love this man. It has been about seven years since I 'incidentally found' this amazing educator (2004/5?). I first came across his Purification of the Heart, and from then on my journey as a Muslim has him embedded within it. Books, lectures... he is, truly, a God-given inspiration. Sincere prayers for this man whom I have taken as a teacher. May the Most Merciful bless his spirit! Ameen, summa ameen.

Monday - diving theory class #1
Tuesday - diving theory class #2, swim
Thursday - I'm trying to fit in kbxing session!
Friday - dateline set for both portfolios and exhibition.
Sunday - pool session [!]

Random thought - what is it that pushes us to create our own experiences?

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