Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green Blue Sea

I have just found something that pleasantly eases me, that I have made a good decision, in shaa' Allah.

Link:A Young Muslim Diver's Passion for the Sea (Video)

"The subject of Green Blue Sea, Hanny Selbak, started scuba-diving around the age of 14 after watching a film on a waste dump in the Pacific Ocean that was killing sea life and deciding that he wanted to 'see some of that before it's all completely gone.' Inspired by both his environmental convictions and his Muslim beliefs--which he says 'specifically stress goodness to animals' and 'promote a lifestyle where you pace yourself, take in the beauty, think about things' -- Hanny is passionate about his underwater experiences.

'Being underwater is like floating in the clouds, but there's more to see--there's way more to see. Every time I go down there, it's sort of like waking up again, like, hey, this Earth isn't mine, this Earth isn't just for me to stomp on. There's so much there that it just wakes you up" he says, adding, 'Maybe even these big guys with these factories and toxic-waste dumps ruining the ocean, maybe if they took a second out to see it, it might even change their minds.'"

A Young Muslim Diver's Passion for the Sea:

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