Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Meet people. Go places. Do things, underwater."

Woke up feeling yesterday's exhaustion, but morning kicked the spirit in me. The trees, the morning fog. Truly enthralling. There is something about trees that enraptures me, in the mornings and late afternoons. Trees have always been that source of inspiration, wonderment.

I am done with my theory sessions. A bit of physics late last night and today in the early morn. I can't help but wonder how I'll get through this. Frankly, this is beyond my imagination! I have never imagined myself in deep waters. Being a hijabi, I have often wondered whether I have taken the right step. But I always remind myself that the hijab is never a thing that would stop a Muslimah from exploring the wonders of creation, from interacting with the world and nature. I think it more as an exploration of the self. My fears, my boundaries... what discoveries will I make about this self? Will this be an act of foolishness? I still wonder.

I had a short run in the evening rain a few moments ago. I must say the experience was marvellous. And yes, confined pool session is pushed to next week. More time to work in the water! I really need to do this right.

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