Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"The simple people will be seen as slaves and the new factories will be established only where it will be possible to pay the hungry low wages and the local rulers will receive rich gifts. Ordinary citizens will afford less and less and will be satisfied with cheap mass entertainment the institutions offer. They listen to music, watch TV and play computer games. Mass entertainment will be aimed at providing the minimum value. People will be presented a kind of a virtual reality, to forget how bleak for them is in reality the world in which they live, to make their daily life filled with existential worries, tolerable.

People will pay attention to what will be free fun for them, to what is really important for them. This keeps them in a gross materialism; and the mayic illusion will celebrate victory. As a result, a worse situation will continue to increase and make people uncertain. Many of them will realize that the system in which they live is ceasing to function properly. This will start major changes."

Bhrigu Nadi Scriptures,
in, Thomas Ritter's Prophecies of Europe/Libraries from Palm Leaves.
From the German original Die Palmblattbibliotheken und ihre Prophezeiungen zur Zukunft Europas 
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