Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brain's mushed.

What do I do when I'm missing someone? I can only pray with all my heart that all is well for those whom I hold dear, and ask the Most Loving to shelter them. I keep that special prayer in a pocket of my heart and take it out again while I witness the glory of the morning sun, seek comfort in the evening breeze, and dwell in the serenity of night's silence... then I thank the One who opened my doors to beautiful beings whom I deeply love. Find no words to express, so direct the heart to the Creator and be assured that He understands the depth of how you feel...

Past few weeks have been hectic. Psychologically and emotionally draining. For the past four months, it has been all about routine and management of the class. I'm seeing a bit of improvement I think. I need to view the big picture! I've only 2 weeks left with the class - hopefully it ends on a good note, God willing.

I crossed the border this morning and bumped into one of my students from last year's K2 batch. I've been thinking about him this whole week. Had a bit of a chat with his mother and my heart flooded with joy. I left and realised I had tears in my eyes. The incident simply affirmed that I love educating. I'm still learning about this "educator" bit in myself. I'm growing as a person in this profession.

Two days ago, the washing machine died on me. Dryer's a confirmed goner, washer's dead - I dreaded the thought of getting a new one! But, thankfully Mr. Fix-it (I'm blessed with one - my brother!) fixed it late last night. You cannot imagine what gushed out from that poor machine. Alhamdulillah, I don't have to resort to using a big tub of water, soap flakes, and a washing board :P! I need to learn how to fix the washing machine...

Aaah well. I've 14 portfolios waiting to be finished. But before embarking a painful night ahead, I did some browsing on an online bookstore and got some books. Previously purchased Vittorio Arrigoni's Gaza: Being Human - difficult to digest, the contents are just too painful to swallow... it's a good addition to my collection of books and I feel the need to share it.

Off to a long sleepless night! Love, me.

Can't wait for them to arrive at my doorstep.

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