Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday smells different. :)

Saturday's project exhibition was amazing. We showcased the semester's work done by all levels (toddler - kindergarten). This year's project theme is on The World of Books. The centre is focusing on classic books - the children and teachers have done them brilliantly. It's mindblowing.

entrance banner
Toddler class'

Toddler class' - Little Red Hen (Egg Project)

Nursery level focused on Jack and the Beanstalk. They made giant beans, with books in them!

Hansel and Gretel - children's discussion on how the witch looks

puppets - Gretel, Hansel, the Witch

Three Little Pigs - Brick house

Three Little Pigs - story twist

House made from sticks - children's work, believe me

My journey has ended, but... not really. :) I strongly feel I should discuss about Term 3 and 4 with the team. There must be a way into Asian classics. I hope to find some time in June to go back and discuss about the project flow. I'm no longer in the centre but I feel the need to help pave the flow of the project...

...Monday REALLY smells different.

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