Monday, June 18, 2012

"Be with God; if He has taken from you that which you could never have imagined losing, He will give you that which you could never imagined owning."

- Shaykh Muhammad Mutawalli Sha'rawi

We all get broken by this transient world, ya Rabb. There's the yearning to embrace the night sky and stars... but they're all too far. Then you remind me that you're closer to me than the veins in my neck. What breaks and what heals without you knowing?

Death of a heart, breath of a heart... seasons, all seasons. 

Djokdjakarta, Dec 2010

Rabba Sacheya (One True Lord) - Atif Aslam

Aas umeed te khattiyan wattiyan, ve te takiya raat taman vi toon 
Meda dekhan bhalan, jachan jochan, samjhan, jaan sunjhaan vi toon 
Mede thathray saare monjh munjhari, hanjroon de toufaan vi toon

Hope, wishes, gains, losses, and the night's contemplation are you
You are my looking, my inquiring, my seeking, my understanding and my knowing
You are my cold sighs, my groaning and my sobbing and in you is a storm of my tears

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