Thursday, June 07, 2012

Halal Wine

Halal wine sounds like an oxymoron.

Last night, I got to know about a halal wine range available in the UK (check out Kevser Tabak and Halal ChampWine). It has completely zero alcohol. It's approved and Halal certified by Islamic Chamber Research and Information Centre (ICRIC - Iran?). It got me thinking - if wine has turned halal, wouldn't it be like vinegar? I'm wondering how the wine's processed.

Many Muslims have issues with this "halal wine". Halal, haram, drink, don't drink, ask the Ulama... I have always thought Muslims these days are just so quick to judge and they make the religion freakishly complicated for themselves and for others. I mean, if a product is Halal certified by a credible Islamic body, then what's the need for argumentation? One has to do research and provide proof before stating a thing as haraam.

Personally, I have an issue with it's image - words like "for the elite" and "for those who've acquired expensive taste" sift through my mind when I think about it... the idea doesn't seem very halal now, does it? Just take a look at the advert. For me, it's quite a turn off - 

Then again, I have to agree with Yvonne Ridley when she said, "I'd rather drink my halal wine than Coca Cola which gives support to Israel." Huzzah.

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