Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mural Art @ Substation

The Prophet (pbuh) said: "Make things easy! And do not make them complicated! Be cheerful! And do not be repulsive."

I got my hands dirty today. I spent the afternoon painting a portion of Substation's wall, till late evening. Me, sis, three hours, and we managed to come up with something, well, fairly decent I think. I'm happy with it (though I think we could've done a better job if we had more time). The theme revolves around human struggle. The quotes are by Ram Prasad Bismil (Indian freedom fighter and poet), Chairil Anwar (Indonesian poet), and Vittorio Arrigoni (ISM activist):

"Wounds and poison I'll take running, running until the pain leaves."  - Chairil Anwar
"The desire for struggle is in our heart." - Ram Prasad Bismil
 "Stay human." - Vittorio Arrigoni

The abstract design of the mural - the colours, lines, shapes - is up to anyone's interpretation, really. For me, the orange globe is a part so human to us. It may get wounded, it may bleed... but in that you find so much beauty. In adversity, one can find humility, grace, beauty and fearlessness. The human spirit is unbreakable - can one ever grasp the totality of that truth? Imagine if you could. What could you achieve?

 Walk down Armenian Street in Singapore and you might be able to see this wall. :)

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