Monday, June 25, 2012

Staring at the pale grey sky today felt like staring at an empty white wall... blank, dull, dreary - bereft of all beauty... until suddenly swift flying birds cut through the image. Life can be at its lowest at some point of our lives, and then, at some point, just filled with much excitement. Highs and lows - it moves like a wheel. In a translated poem of his (entitled Meipi Lake), Du Fu once wrote - "Joy and sadness take turns / in a dance we don't control." We can't control the movement of the wheel - it just goes round and round - but we can choose to direct where it rolls...

In dreary times, you can choose to colour your sky. Pick a colour, Mira.

Today, I found the music of Stephan Micus. The instant I heard his "As I Cross A Bridge of Dreams" (1977), I immediately fell in love:

As I Cross A Bridge of Dreams, from the album Implosions (1977)

And "Rangin Kaman", by Kronos Quartet and Homayun Sakhi Trio. It is amazingly fresh and I love how different instruments are integrated:

"Rangin Kaman" by Kronos Quartet and Homayun Sakhi Trio

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