Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tuesday, wee hours

Today, like every other day, remember "...millions of men and women all around the world rising from their beds where the sun finds them - leaving back-supporting mattresses and straw pallets, hammocks, futons and thin blankets on dirt floors - to take care of the children. Regardless of their religion, culture or material circumstances, there are noses to be wiped, bellies to be filled, tears to be dried and answers to be provided for the questions of young minds. In modern cities and remote villages, luxurious mansions and desolate refugee camps, fires are lit, stoves are turned on, cereal boxes are opened, water is drawn from taps or pumps or streams, fruit is peeled and breasts are bared for hungry mouths. It doesn't matter whether the men and women have the resources to adequately provide what the children need, whether they feel like getting up and doing what has to be done - life cries out in its need to continue whether the providers are ill or healthy, illiterate or educated, despairing or filled with enthusiasm for life."

Oriah, from The Invitation

I might join in a mural painting event later today on the walls of an art centre. If I do, I hope it'll turn out well.

Tonight, I'm reflecting on beautiful words from a dear friend whom I sorely miss. Lights out.

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