Friday, June 01, 2012

Voice, Acting, Movement

 I attended another performance at the Intercultural Theatre Institute just last night.

The performance had three parts to it - voice and speech, movement (corporeal mime?), and acting. The part which affected me most was voice. The performers explored their voices and speech and connected them to their diverse cultural identities and languages. They started off singing a traditional Maori song... it was beautiful. My heart simply melted like butter under a beautiful day's sun. The performers poetically spoke about their ancestral lands, their bloodlines... Bolivia, Italy, Philippines, UK, India, Indonesia, Malaysia... they took me on a voyage across ancient seas. I felt a lot, I thought a lot... how beautiful it is to understand we're all one.

On a side note - a wedding will take place in a week's time - my brother's! A few days ago we had a conversation. He shared about life, youth, old age, getting children, taking risks and knowing boundaries... probably the thought of being a husband soon made him go all 'Du Fu' with me. God bless him. I hope to recover soon - it's a very busy period!

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