Monday, July 09, 2012

Salaam, Sami Yusuf

Sunday evening was majestic. It's amazing how we are under the same sky every day yet the beauty of it never dulls, and the breeze always feels new. Reminds me of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf when he said:

"Work on your presence with God, because when you are present with God, you are present with the creation of God. You start noticing things like the wind in the trees. You start noticing the subtleties of everything around us. It becomes real."

There's always a kind of magic in the air. Busy roads and bustling streets can take you away from the magic, though, like our busy lives. We all need to make time for solitude, every day. As a Muslim, I am glad that I am obligated to carry out five prayers, stretched through different times of the day. Can't depend on the world for solace, so you have to find it within... and you know you always have it in you. It all takes some silence, and letting go...

I was at the Indoor Stadium last evening - Sami Yusuf was in town for a concert, and I had to attend it. It was such a beautiful evening, I wish I could capture the skies and keep it in my heart. But it seems God has created every evening differently and they're all temporal - it comes and goes. I think if I had the opportunity to keep it, I'd dull it, really. So, alhamdulillah for fresh evenings, every day.

The view from the North Entrance, Indoor Stadium

Sami Yusuf and his team of musicians were simply world-class. It was such an inspirational performance filled with tranquil vibrance and warmth. I hope he'll give SG another chance to hear him live - one can be in remembrance of God, his Prophet (peace be upon him), and the hungry and oppressed in his music. He calls himself a "musician with a message"- may his music continue to inspire people around the world.

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