Sunday, March 16, 2014


Today, after many weeks of dry weather, it rained. It actually rained! I have missed it so... the sight, sound, and the smell of it... my heart is at ease.

These past weeks, we have gone through haze and extreme heat - but the haze isn't as bad as last year's and the days have been windy. God is Merciful. Also...:

 ...many trees are flowering and are bearing fruit in this dry weather. I passed by several carambola/starfruit trees yesterday. Plump, ripe fruits had fallen, and many more hung on the branches. It was a beautiful sight, and I thought, the grass has lost its colour, but the trees are bearing so much life!

Today's lovely atmosphere has led me to lovely music. I found another Stelios Petrakis album, and the music is so fitting. I'm listening to this as the sky is dimming - it's evening and the weather is cool and quiet. Truly delightful. All glory belongs to God.

Stelios Petrakis - Βόρεια Μονοπάτια/Northern Trails

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