Saturday, May 24, 2014

This year has been a crazy whirlwind. I've been working almost everyday. It frequently feels as if there's no boundary between work and home ( has been like this for years ever since I became a teacher, but this year is MEGA-INSANE). So, what happens when work takes up most of my time? I frequently do things that keep me sane and alive - going for long walks, painting, listening to music...

I love music with such wild imagery! "Ascending Bird" is one of my favourites by Silk Road Ensemble. At its peak, I think of flight above mountains towards the blinding sun... wind blowing against feathers, the adrenalin rush. Then I read what "Ascending Bird" is about -

"Santur player Siamak Aghaei and violinist Colin Jacobsen arranged a traditional folk melody that was inspired by mythology. 'Ascending Bird' tells the popular legend of a bird attempting to fly to the sun. After two failed attempts, the bird finally makes contact with the sun, losing its physical body in fire, and in this way achieving a metaphorical spiritual transcendence."

Isn't that a beautiful imagery? Real music touches the soul and sparks your imagination like wildfire. If it's bloody good, it can tell you a story!:

Ascending Bird - Silk Road Ensemble


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