Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I can swallow herbal concoctions and other oils without gagging... but fermented cod liver oil? It tastes absolutely HEINOUS. I'm not one to sugarcoat things - the stench of this nasty, pasty thingamajig is horrid, but the taste is far more horrendous. You cannot compare this with the "stench" of fish from the wet market. How did ancient communities swallow this thing? Do not be fooled by the word "chocolate". It does not mask anything.

I didn't think it was that bad, until I had it for the first time. The last time I gagged so badly was when I had to swallow bitter medicine as a little girl! I failed the second time, too. The bottle sat in the fridge for a few weeks before I braved myself to try it again :P.

Earlier today, I tried mixing peanut butter with it. Sadly it didn't mask the taste at all. Then I tried having it with raw honey. I actually had it on my tongue for the longest time! It was pleasantly strange. I'm so thankful that I've finally found a way to make this nasty stuff palatable. :)

I must emphasise how horrid it is, but it's worth swallowing...

...but next time, I'm going to get another flavour - once I finish this bottle, I'm not getting near "Chocolate Cream" ever again!

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