Friday, June 12, 2015

Today's. What I call a good kind of mess.

I have dabbled in quite a number of projects over the past few months. What madness has come over me? Today, instead of the usual paint-sketch-or-embroider itch, something else tingled my mind. I've been wanting to learn basic wood carving techniques. I really enjoyed Design and Technology during my school days - woodwork was one of those things which I REALLY enjoyed (and I really mean deep, touch-my-soul kinda joy). It has been about 11 years since I last worked with wood. Imagine the yearning...

...unfortunately, I only had balsa wood. I've never worked with balsa wood before, however it was nice to "experience" its characteristics. It splinters easily if you go against the grain. Note to self - get denser wood and carry on!

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