Sunday, September 13, 2015

Term break did not feel like break at all. I had planned to finish up several important things this week. Unfortunately, I had official duties as a civil servant and spent 18 hours fulfilling them. In that 18 hours, I spent 12 hours standing and walking with perhaps a total of 15 minutes of sitting time (pardon the numbers - it's a personal record). My toes felt like they were about to burst in the last two hours. I am thankful I was trained to stand for long hours (I had duties as school function head and in detention, once upon a time... and perhaps Hobbit-like individuals can handle gravity better!). In those hours, I learnt that I am living with such a diverse group of residents, and so, I had to manage different antics. In managing people, I rediscovered how firm I could get with adults.

That aside. I'm now torn apart between getting the rest I deserve and attending to some tasks.

Term 4 begins tomorrow. I miss freedom in planning my own curriculum. My commitment is in creating that special spark - that special spark in a classroom is quality interaction! Interactions and everything in between...  it's why I enjoy teaching.

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