Friday, December 18, 2015

I spent the day with trees, today.
Yet another year is ending, and another is arriving. This year's events have been throwing me from one extreme end to the other. Pain, happiness, sorrow, confusion, mirth... life puts me on a high swing. I pondered on life over 27 years and I am filled with gratitude.

I went for a hike today. Every hike is pleasurable, always unique in its own way. It kept raining as if someone played with the rain switch, terrible play at that. At one time it felt as if it was just a passing cloud, at another, it felt like it would not stop raining. Glad I brought poncho and wore light clothing. I got to see more life between rain and sun - I spotted white-crested laughingthrush (three!) foraging, pecking away at dry leaves in an open space, and a pair of greater racket-tailed drongo which, at first, I thought were Asian glossy starlings until I saw their beautiful long tails. I also saw a mighty huge squirrel (do not know the species, but it was huge) peeling a huge chunk of bark off a tree.

Greater racket-tailed drongo
White-crested laughingthrush, very close!

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